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Justine doesn't think that I post enough about my cats. I think that I have too many of them right now. I made a blog where I can post news about cats, either my own news or news from around the world.
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OK OK – More Cat Pictures

Gracie broke into the Blue Room. This is a room that Erica is trying to keep “Cat Free” so she can put things there that should not have cat hair all over them. Gracie periodically manages to bust in and sits like a queen as though to say “nyah nyah”.

I took some pictures of the cats roaming about outside.

Here’s max on the Chaise Lounge.

Here’s Furry home from the hunt.

Here’s Ollie complaining that all the other cats are out, why can’t he come out and play.

Here is a dangerous looking Gracie sharpening her claws on the Rose of Sharon bush. She’s killed the other two plants. For some reason cats like Rose of Sharon.

These pictures were uploaded using the Windows Live writer Polaroid option. It makes them look kind of interesting.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You can put me in the cat free room when I’m old and crazy.

  2. Anonymous says:

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