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Justine doesn't think that I post enough about my cats. I think that I have too many of them right now. I made a blog where I can post news about cats, either my own news or news from around the world.
Current Cat Inventory:

Pictures Missing

Hostmerit ruined most of my websites over the weekend. They moved to a new data enter, but they forgot to bring over the data. Their backup was from October and I lost four months of entries into the “Too Many Damn Cats” and 22 other websites. I have been able to get the pages back, but the pictures are missing. I have to manually find them and reload them here.

Needless to say, I am not using HostMerit ever again. I chose them because they were cheap and local. You get what you pay for.

Update: I was able to download a 2 gig file containing the entire HostMerit disk. I’ve got all that I’m going to get. The images are back. I am going to try another gallery for the one that the hackers broke and then I’ll have several hundred images available on the site for your perusal.

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